Reasons For Visiting Costa Rica

Let ‘s go to Costa Rica, why? You ask.

First of all, it is believed to have the most joyous people living there. Everyone you meet is kind, courteous and above all smiling. With all the problems in the world, people usually are too busy dealing with their issues to have time for other people. As par my friend who is also official. He said that going to a place where smiles are the order of the day is very inviting.

You never know you might just get infected with the happy bug as well and spread it across the world, because we truly need it.

Serene Beaches

Costa Rica beaches are indeed a breath of fresh air. It is ideal for you if you want to kick back and relax.

You can enjoy the sun all day long drinking your margaritas as you watch other people surf. Surfing is a favorite sport in Costa Rica. If you want to try it out, some people are willing to teach you how to surf. An excellent opportunity to learn something new while vacationing. Make sure you have enough sunscreen to protect your skin as you lay on the beach.

See a Volcano

Here you won’t have to look far to see a volcano; Costa Rica helps you cross that off your bucket list.

You can go to Arenal Volcano Park where you can view the Arenal Volcano, which is 1633 meters.

This volcano once had an eruption that killed quite many people. Since the explosion, the Arenal Volcano typically has ashes coming out of it or red flowing lava. What a sight to behold.

The area around is great for thrill seekers as you can hike and bike on the trails.

The volcanoes also make Costa Rica have very fertile soils that make their produce abundant and robust.


You will enjoy the delicious food that is there. Whether you are eating tacos or enjoying a bowl of Gallo Pinto, or drinking a freshly squeezed fruit, you will truly enjoy the fresh and tasty meals and drinks. Costa Rica is also famous for producing some of the best coffees in the world.

Gold Museum

Who doesn’t like Gold? Well in Costa Rica there is a museum that is full of it. The gold was collected a long time ago and preserved to teach people about Costa Rica’s heritage. Am sure you wouldn’t mind being near so much gold even if it doesn’t belong to you.

Wild Animals

Here you don’t have to look so hard like you would in other parks to have a glimpse of monkeys, toucans or even the scarlet macaws because they roam about freely. You also get to see animals like the puma, jaguar, and ocelots not forgetting the sloths.

So make plans today to visit Costa Rica.